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Spiritual teacher, healer, and clairvoyant, Mary Ellen Flora has been sharing her insight on spirituality in person since 1976 from Vancouver, B.C. to San Diego, CA and through her books, CDs and website around the world.

Mary Ellen is an advocate of the use of daily meditation and has taught thousands of people to enrich their lives by using the spiritual techniques presented in her books. She believes that we are all meant to be fully awake and alive, both spiritually and physically, and shares this belief with amusement, neutrality, and love.

For many years I have taught classes focused on spiritual awakening. During that time, I have learned that, more than anything else, people need to learn to meditate. All of the answers to our questions are within us. What remains for us to do is to find a way to turn within for our unique information and our internal path to God. Meditation is the way for us to create what we need…”

  • Mary Ellen Flora, Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening
mary ellen flora
Mary Ellen Flora

Mary Ellen is not what one would expect for a spiritual teacher. She laughs a lot, revels in nature, and loves life. She has traveled around the world and lived in a variety of places which has broadened her view of life.

Mary Ellen at Blue Lake in eastern WA
Mary Ellen at Blue Lake in eastern WA

If you are seeking spiritual information with a lighter, brighter presentation, Mary Ellen is a delightful teacher. Many of her students are scattered around the world helping to share this spiritual information.

Re-discover yourself, the spirit, and your many talents by practicing the techniques Mary Ellen teaches. The teachings are available in books, e-books, video, audio, and in person.

Join Mary Ellen on an exciting spiritual journey!