Mary Ellen Flora is an internationally renowned author. She has written the Key Series books, which teach simple powerful spiritual techniques using ancient wisdom in modern language. She has also recorded guided meditations including specific techniques and how to use these powerful spiritual tools in meditation and daily life.

Chakras: Key to Spiritual Opening is a clear and concise guide to getting to know yourself as spirit. Exercises or meditations are provided in each chapter enabling the reader to apply what he or she learns in a safe and powerful daily meditation for the purpose of awakening their energy in each chakra and to “read” that chakra’s information.” – The Midwest Book Review, Oregon, WI

Sky Radio Interview
Sky Radio Interview

Quote from Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening “Many people call me from various parts of the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and other parts of our world asking for assistance in their life creations. This book is for those who do not have access to a teacher to help them as well as for those who want a refresher on the techniques. The simple techniques presented can help anyone who uses them to create a meditative state to receive his or her unique spiritual information.”

She has also written the Energy Series books, which describe the various energies available for spiritual creativity on planet Earth including a definitive book on Kundalini Awakening.

The information is taught with amusement and enthusiasm, and is presented for both the novice and the adept.” –Mind Mint Distributors, Queensland, Australia.

Quote from Kundalini Energy: The Flame of Life “With Kundalini energy you release physical limits…. Kundalini energy can help you to reach a spiritual state of peace and harmony.”

Working on the farm
Working on the farm

Flora has also written Angels Don’t Need Wings a delightful view of angels and their impact on our lives.

“Angels work for God, not for humans, and often bring information that humans struggle with until they see the larger, spiritual picture. Angels can be full of surprises.” –Mary Ellen Flora, Angels Don’t Need Wings

All these works are available from CDM Publications through CDM Spiritual Center Store, Smashwords, and Amazon.

“Let this book introduce you to one of the clearest, wisest spiritual teachers in America today.” Rose Rosetree, ONE, Washington, D.C.

Book Review

Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening

Learn to meditate! Many are the sources that proclaim this message: Scientific research validates the physical benefits of meditation; psychiatrists prescribe it for their clients; religions revolve around its practice.

What is meditation? How do you meditate? There are many forms and concepts of meditation and a great deal of inspirational literature has been written about meditation. Few books, however, both inspire you to meditate and teach you how. Fewer still give you insight into the stumbling blocks to meditation, and how to overcome them.

Meditation, Key to Spiritual Awakening, by Mary Ellen Flora, presents seven spiritual techniques to help quiet the mind/body system. The techniques are presented clearly and concisely, with exercises and illustrations to demonstrate their use. They enhance the individual’s ability to turn within, and to communicate with self and one’s spiritual guidance. The book provides instruction, insight and encouragement, with many gems of wisdom gleaned from the author’s experience and spiritual perspective.

Meditation, Key to Spiritual Awakening is written for the seeker who desires information and inspiration. It provides a roadmap for the healer who wishes to change self and world. Mary Ellen Flora sends us this roadmap from the Pacific Northwest, a little gem packed with information, encouragement and words of enlightenment.

This book presents spiritual techniques, such as grounding, center of your head, creating and destroying and running earth and cosmic energies, complete with exercises to help you experience and validate their effects. Mary Ellen leads into the techniques with an essay describing the purpose and goals of meditation, its results, and the distractions that have led us away from our spiritual awareness on this planet and continue to deter us as we attempt to find our way back to ourselves and our source.

Those seeking clarity, validation of their spiritual abilities and the ways and means to tap into them, those seeking a guidebook for the opening of the spiritual system, those seeking a handbook for communicating with their spiritual guidance, may find that this slim volume provides more than a hundred spiritual encyclopedias. There’s revelation in here for the novice and the adept: the kind of revelation that lends itself to repeated reading, like poetry, providing new insight at each return.